Mental Illness is a Physiological Illness

Mental illness as a physiological disorder. This illness is nothing more than an organ or glandular condition in the human body (in this case the brain) not functioning properly and in need of medications to help the natural mechanisms regulate the neuro-transmitters in the body.

It just so happens that the manifestations of these diseases of the brain (let's de-stigmatize mental illness) manifest themselves in what society would consider aberrant behavior. Other diseases of the body manifest in other symptoms none the less mental illness is a biological disorder no less than diabetes or any other disease.

The stigmas of mental illness are nothing short of disgusting. When I hear people mocking or making light of someone who is mentally ill or someone who is acting in a wry manner and refer to them as "crazy" or "loony" and I equivocate this to people laughing at cancer patients.

If you have never suffered from a mental illness you can't imagine the pain and suffering these people go through. The physical pain and mental torment is beyond comprehension. I once heard a gentleman say "I would rather have my arm amputated than suffer through another anxiety attack because at least I know the pain with the arm will go away and I can hide from it in my sleep". But there is no sanctuary for those with mental diseases. Anxiety sufferers cannot sleep as with many people suffering from depression.

The unfortunate statistics are that supposedly 50% of all people with mental diseases postpone treatment for 10 years due to this mockery and stigma that society has assigned to these bodily illnesses of the brain. This is horrible that someone should suffer with these debilitating illnesses just because of the stigma of society. If you suffer from mental illness know this: no body in the healthcare field will ever see your illness as any thing but a physical malady and treat you with the care and dignity of any other patient. I think most of the public is simply uneducated to the biological groundings of mental disorders and this is why the jokes. Additionally many in the "spiritual communities" don't want to admit that we are spiritual beings with a biological body and our thinking and emotions are in large due to chemicals and hormones. Ask a 15 year old viral young man what is on his mind 98% of the time and ask the same question to a 65 year old man with depleted hormones what is on his mind 98% of the time - case closed!

I have known people that have been depressed since the ages of 4 and 6 years of age. The general public cannot imagine what life for these people is like; and when these people get relief from this illness the joy and happiness that flows through them - they feel that they have a new life. Mental illness is no laughing matter, it is a biological illness and needs treatment. Maybe some day in the future we will be able to do more than just treat the symptoms by artificially regulating the chemicals in the brain and genetically engineer a cure. Until that time; please take some time to educate yourself on this disease that plagues such a large percentage of our population and is growing. Support groups such as NAMI and other awareness organizations.

this article is for informative purposes and not to be used to treat any mental health issue