What Can Cause Depression

What can cause depression? There are many theories to the causes of depression, genetics, environment, vitamin deficiencies...The latest study making it's way around the Internet is the study in Spain that links depression with trans fats. True we are what we eat and there is no doubt that our diets have an effect on us as a whole; however, is do these diets cause "situational depression" or "clinical depression"? If it is situational depression, then the symptoms should subside with a change in diet, if not then we need to look for other causes and treatments for any given case. In any event we need to eat for life and a healthy diet combined with a good exercise programs can do wonders for our mental hygiene. Read the complete article: What can cause depression and don't forget to visit my new website for many more articles of interest: psychiatrist scottsdale.

This article is for informational purposes only and not for diagnosing or treating any illness