Brain Spotting

I found this article interesting because what I post under Articles of Interest often has to do with new methods and breakthroughs in mental health and therapies for treatment refractory patients. I take a team approach to treating mental illness; Dr. Crow has been a long and trusted member of my team of whom I refer patients; I think you will find this interesting because this treatment is another alternative therapy such as Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation Therapy and Vagal Nerve Stimulation; just to mention a few.

Brainspottingis a newer method of stimulating and processing emotional pain. It was discovered and developed by David Grand, Ph.D. Dr. Grand is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (New York). He is a psychotherapist, writer, and lecturer who maintains a private practice in Manhattan and Long Island, New York. His work is considered ground breaking and he has been interviewed on many national news programs. He is the author of Emotional Healing At Warp Speed (2001). Currently there are about 3000 therapists trained world-wide. For the complete article Brainspotting

This article if for informational purposes only and not intended for diagnosing or treating an illness