Psychiatrist Scottsdale - Anxiety, Depression, Benefits of Medication

Mental Illness and the success rate of medications. The success rate of being treated with these agents is pretty high. It is 75% effective even with the first antidepressant tried. Sometimes, though people have untoward side effects initially that would be too bothersome to continue on the particular antidepressant. At that time, the medication is switched.

It may be necessary for one to be treated with the antidepressants long-term. Although, this is not a negative thing. These illnesses are usually chronic in nature lasting many years and the research is showing us that these illnesses left untreated can be very detrimental to the brain. Those who aren't treated for depression actually have lower brain volumes than those who are due to their high number of circulating stress hormones(glucocorticoids). These substances cause cell damage and death, whereas, the antidepressant medications have a neuroprotectant effect preventing this cell death and damage. Since depression and anxiety are so closely linked, one can extrapolate the findings that there would be cell damage also with anxiety disorders that are left untreated.

The good news is that we have many very effective medications to treat the Depressive and Anxiety Disorders. Many times, peoples' symptoms resolve and they get back to their usual state of functioning.

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