Causes and Treatment for ADHD

ADHD or ADD - (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder or Attention Deficit Disorder) Do you find that when you sit down to read a book or do something that requires a great deal of concentration; you find yourself getting up every five minutes for a glass of water, snacking, doing almost anything but what you set out to do?

Do you find that you can concentrate on something best while doing something else? Can you pay attention to the television or your spouse better while you are working on the computer?

How about caffeinated beverages; do you drink more than two cup of coffee or cola a day?

Do you find that you have about four to five thoughts going on the same time in your brain, such that, it is difficult to stay focused on the task at hand?

Do you find that you have difficulty in conversing with others because you want to finish their sentences for them?

If you answer yes to any of these questions you “might” have ADHD. We all on occasion have “ants in our pants” so it really takes a thorough evaluation to determine this diagnosis. ADHD is very treatable with medication. We treat ADHD with stimulants, this is why those with ADHD will often “self medicate” with coffee or other caffeinated beverages, since these are also stimulants. We also use some non-stimulants in those that have heart issues. Sometimes, antidepressant medication are beneficial in treating ADD/ADHD.

Often we will counsel an individual in organizational skills and goal setting such as incorporating a daily planner into their lifestyle and never setting unattainable goals for the day. Also, only one planner is what one should have and not two or three, which can make life a lot more difficult.

It has been found that approximately one-third of children that have ADD/ADHD outgrow it; but two-thirds have it chronically in adulthood. Some studies such as the APGAR claim that that ADHD can be detected minutes after birth. Therefore, there are a lot of adults, who if never diagnosed as children, could really benefit from knowing if they have this and then being treated. I have seen patients as adults, who barely got through high school, who after the appropriate medication, where able to go to college and obtain a high GPA. It is quite remarkable and an awesome thing for them to acquire.

A complete medical workup should always be done when checking for this condition. Thyroid diseases and other conditions can produce the same symptoms as ADHD. Diet and exercise can play a substantial role in managing the symptoms or even causing the symptoms. Once diagnosed, the individual usually responds very well to medication and behavioral modification. This is an important condition to treat because those with ADHD like to “multi-task” however, studies have shown that multi-tasking over a long period can do damage to the protective sheathing of the nerves and possibly trigger Alzheimer’s. Some recent studies seem to imply that there is a genetic link with ADHD.

In my practice I have found a success rate of over 90% with my patient population; however, it is essential that the patients do not abuse the medications that are stimulants because once they cross this boundary, they will not be able to use these drugs and end up living a life of disarray. If the patient abuses them, I will not be able to prescribe the medications to the patient. However, I usually don’t find this to be the case. Usually because these patients need this medication, a dose is found that causes the desired outcome. At that dose, usually further dosing increases are not needed. Often ADHD is accompanied with another illness.

Usually, people find that they are getting along much better with their spouses and friends because they are no longer interrupting them. They are able to accomplish much more because their focus is on target and many fewer car accidents happen because their attention has improved. I love treating this illness. Symptoms of ADHD ADD

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This article is meant for informational purposes and not the diagnosis and treatment for any symptoms