Is Mental Illness Genetic | Mental Ilness and Genetics

Mental Illness, Genetics and Environment

Is Mental Illness Genetic? Studies have shown there may be a genetic correlation between suicidal thoughts. I have just posted several articles on psychiatrist scottsdale that are very interesting dealing with mental illness and genetics. One of them claims that environmental stressors can change certain genes that are responsible for anxiety and other mental illnesses. In essence the article claims that fetal environmental stress is responsible for the genetics that are responsible for mental illness. I also believe that these genetic changes or at least changes in the neurons that control our mood can take place at any age due to traumatic stress or drug abuse or injury to the brain.

I have posted several articles which will discuss the break through in genetics and the possibility of "curing" mental illness instead of just treating its symptoms. This is accomplished by locating the areas of the brain responsible for deriving pleasure and thus permitting the brain to regulate its chemical balances. The break throughs in genetic engineering are staggering with regards to mental illness. It is very conceivable that someday in the near future we will be curing mental illness instead of just treating the symptoms.

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