Check Credentials & Complaints With The Authorities

It is very important to check the credentials of any medical doctor, psychologist, social worker, counselor, or therapist. Unfortunately in this Internet age, anyone can post a false comment with malicious intent to destroy the reputation of an individual. Competitors, trouble-makers, or past clients with an unjust grievance can go on the many search engines and write just about anything. I have heard too many stories of businesses and practices being destroyed by malicious false comments on the Internet; in fact - scrubbing these false claims is one of the fastest growing cottage industries linked to the Internet.

I encourage you to click on these sites below because they are the controlling legal authorities that issue licenses in Arizona and they are in charge of investigating any complaints and will post only the complaints that have any intrinsic merit.

  • AZ Medical Board - Medical Doctors including Psychiatrists

  • AZ Board Behavioral Health - Counselors, Social Workers, Licensed Therapists

  • AZ Board of Psychologist Examiners - Psychologists